GOR Inspiration

April 25, 2017

Dead Sea Mud MasksFloating in the Salt Pool

Our collection of Gold Over Resin has a unique feature of the extreme comfort fit. These high quality jewelry pieces can be layered on, but because they are light in weight, they will never get in the way!

The innovation and designs are a collective of experimenting with new technology and traveling around the globe to understand what women want and need in their jewelry.

One of our greatest family adventures, has been traveling to the Dead Sea. Here, even the most glamourous person will lather up in mud and float in rejuvenating salt water. As soon as you lay down, you are weightless. It is a sensational feeling that no matter what, you will lay flat atop the water.

GOR has a similar feeling. You can be wearing a bold chain, extra-large hoops or multiple bangles, and you won’t feel like you’re being weighed down. The freedom you have, knowing that you can wear something all day and not have to take it off as you complete your day to day activities, is invigorating!Floating at the Dead Sea


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