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Sustainable Jewelry

Our Jewelry Sustainability and Ethics Story

All Gold & Honey jewelry incorporates recycled metals and materials for an eco-friendly colorful fashion world.

We embellish our jewelry with sterling silver that is 100% recycled from previously scrapped silver jewelry and other reclaimed metal pieces. This is a preference we utilize in both silver and base metals because it reduces the environmental impact and limits waste of mining metals and its alloys. Our sterling silver and brass metal are also hypoallergenic and we do not use lead or nickel in any of our metals. We want to ensure that our customers with metal allergies can comfortably wear our hoop earrings all day without them causing discomfort. We also don’t want our customers turning green from brass jewelry! By plating our jewelry with 14K gold and rhodium, we limit tarnishing too.

We only work with sustainable and socially conscious artisans. Our Lucite jewelry is all made by hand - from the mold to the hand painted enamel, skilled designers and artists bring to life our jewelry ideas. We do not source anything from China. Our factory is Fair Trade and we enforce the highest standards for all worldwide labor laws and regulations.

Our jewelry is made in small batches to insure quality and sustainability. We know Lucite jewelry can be trendy and the colors we launch each season run parallel to New York Fashion Week and Pantone color trends. With that in mind, we create limited runs for colors and designs so we do not create excess. We do not mass produce our jewelry so that we can control our impact on the environment and your jewelry box!

When we ship your order, you can recycle all the shipping materials as well. The box or mailer can be recycled once you open and put away your new jewelry. The pouch and poly bags, we hope you will continue to use to store your jewelry to keep it from the elements to prevent any scratching. If not, feel free to recycle those as well.


We design fun and vibrant jewelry that makes you feel happy. To do that, we must feel happy too by focusing on our environmental footprint as we hope to create a brighter future by leading by example.